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The work we have done for our local chicken producer has been quite varied but in principle includes an assortment of steel framed buildings and an access bridge, all of which has happened in the last 15 months or so, since a management company from the midlands (Mellers) have been awarded the latest contract. We have worked with them before at, amongst others, the new factory at Ledbury for Heineken. The two contracts we undertook there were worth £4.5m and £1.8m respectively.

Back to the work for Cargills, whilst we have not been doing any finishes such as offices and car parks, the steel jobs are always challenging because of the fact that we are working in and around a live factory environment with all the Health and Safety obligations that such work brings. A couple of photos are attached and the one shows an access bridge which involved placing it early one Saturday morning with a 1000 tonne crane, as it had to be swung in over and above the existing buildings. We are pleased to report that it fitted perfectly.

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Collins Design & Build can start managing your project from the very beginning. Starting with planning & building regulations, we can offer guidance or complete the work for you. When planning is granted we can offer guidance on services including electricity, gas, water & BT which are often the causes of so much frustration and difficulties.

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